ANBI status

The Titus Brandsma Memorial Foundation (TBM) has ANBI status. What that means for you when you make a donation can be found at the tax authorities, ANBI status.

Contact details
Stijn Buysstraat 11
6512 CJ Nijmegen
024 – 360 24 21

H.L.P. Faassen, chairman
Mr. B.L.M. Jansen, Treasurer
G.W.M. van der Loop, secretary
C.J.M. van de Burgt
M.M.M.G. Raemaekers

The board is jointly authorized.

Remuneration policy
Board and other employees work on a voluntary basis, without remuneration.

NL56 INGB 0000 819729

Chamber of Commerce number

RSIN / fiscal / ANBI number

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Annual accounts
Annual accounts 2020 (PDF)
Annual accounts 2019 (PDF)
Annual accounts 2018 (PDF)

Annual report
Activity report 2020 (PDF)

Policy plan
Policy plan (PDF)

Articles of association
Articles of association 2008 (PDF)