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The Titus Brandsma Memorial is is a Carmelite center for spirituality.
Every day there are different liturgical celebrations in the Titus Brandsma Memorial Church
and meetings in the adjacent meeting center.
There is a varied offer for reflection, formation and schooling
in discussion groups, courses and lectures,
having to do with life themes, Scripture and the mystical tradition.
Always aimed at concrete, lived spirituality.
Inspired by Titus Brandsma, there is room for everyone
who is looking for meaning, the deeper foundation of life, God in everyday living.

News & current events

Through “een teken van leven”, the weekly newsletter of the Titus Brandsma Memorial, visitors to the center and the church are kept informed of the ups and downs around church, liturgy, courses, maintenance of house and garden, and whatever else there is to report. Behind the icon above you will find all the news and newsletters.

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Coming soon in our programs

Throughout the year we host a variety of discussion groups, courses, and lectures in which we delve
into the Scriptures, the mystical tradition and life itself.
Below you will see the current program offerings. Click on the ‘whole program’ button for the full range of programs.

Tijdens de vieringen zit ik het liefst op de plek dat ik naar het Apostelraam kan kijken. En steeds opnieuw raken de kleuren mij

een bezoeker van de vieringen

You can come

jan toorop raam

Artists often seek forms to visualize their spiritual quest.
In our center next to the church, we give them the opportunity to share the results with us.
There are also regular exhibitions in the church itself.

Titus inspires

titus brandsma

More than 75 years after his grievous death, Titus Brandsma inspires us more than ever. This is evident from all the attention his work receives in the media. Even in this church, people often visit the chapel in which he is commemorated.
You can find more on his pageijn pagina

World Peace

Sinds 2010 brandt de WereldVredesVlam op het Titusplein

In 1999, the WorldPeaceFlame was created, a symbol of Peace. Since 2010, the WorldPeaceFlame also burns permanently in the monument on the square in front of our church. Here you can read about the background and meaning of the WorldPeaceFlame.

Take a walk

jan toorop raam

Every day you can visit the church to sit in silence, pray, meditate, or admire the beautiful Jan Toorop window.

We are open all days from
10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Please take a seat

Frans Pernot enjoys photography and has his own way of looking at things.
On this page in pictures you can see more pictures of Frans.

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